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Shakertown manufactures premium Western Red Cedar shingles for residential and commercial siding applications. Our products are available throughout the United States and Canada.

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Siding 2The Shakertown® Craftsman 1-Course Cedar Shingle Panel is the newest development from the company that brought you the original cedar shingle panel. Manufactured using only the finest Western Red Cedar vertical-grain heartwood, the new Shakertown Craftsman Panel features a full plywood back, a thick 3/8" shingle butt and overlocking end-joints for a seamless appearance.

Shakertown Craftsman Panels go up 6 times faster than individual shingles and can be installed with a pneumatic nailer. And the blind/concealed nailing creates a true, traditional shingle appearance.

The panels are 8' long and available in an exposure size of 7", 4 1/2" and 14" (14" exposure product is face nailed). Shakertown Craftsman Panels are constructed with a classic keyway joint or tight contemporary joint between shingles. The panels are available with an even-butt or staggered-butt line to match any home style.

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Material Savings

Most importantly, Shakertown Craftsman's 1-Course styling creates far less waste than a 3-course panel. Some waste can be expected around doors, windows, gables and tops of walls. With 3-course panels, 20% of your material will go to waste, while Shakertown Craftsman 1-Course Panels have only 5% waste. The cost savings in purchasing the material and waste disposal makes Shakertown Craftsman Panels the smart choice.

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Set your imagination loose with Fancy Cuts. Let your ideas take shape for the perfect accent to a bay window, front entry or gable end. Different shapes can be combined for endless possibilities, giving you the chance to develop your own signature look.

Each Fancy Cuts shingle is 100% clear, 100% edge grain Western Red Cedar. Natural variations in color and grain give each shingle its own unique look. All Fancy Cuts are precision cut and sanded. Buy individual Fancy Cuts shingles to mix-and-match patterns or create an original design.

Fancy Cuts are packaged 96 pieces to the carton. One carton covers 25 sq. ft. when shingles are installed at the 7-1/2" exposure recommended for exteriors. For interior accents, a carton of Fancy Cuts covers 33 square feet when applied with a 10" exposure.

Eight patterns are also available on a custom order basis in convenient 8-foot panels with 5" exposure. It's never been easier or more convenient to have the hand-crafted appearance of Fancy Cuts.

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