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Tile Backer-Sheathing-Gypsum


An Ideal substrate mold and weather resistant exterior gypsum panel used behind brick, siding, stucco, etc.




An ideal tile backer board for high moisture areas, because it has a built-in moisture barrier that stops moisture at the surface.
It is used for tile substrate for walls, ceilings, floors, and countertops.



Densdeck Roof Boards
Is a patented glass mat-faced, noncombustible, nonstructural, treated gypsum core panel.
Resists moisture and mold growth.



The oldest and most recognizable name in fiber board products.
Highest rated sound and insulation barriers.
Patented quiet flooring system.
Products for difficult concrete forming.

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Durock and Fiberock backer boards.
The dominate company in the industry with a brand recognized by all.
Tile, wall and flooring underlayment and backing boards.
Easiest product on the market for installation.

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