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Window Protective Film & Wrap Products

Window 1MFM's WindowWrap™ effectively stops water leaks around windows and doors while reducing outdoor noise and air infiltration. The aggressive adhesive securely bonds the window flange to the exterior wall, and the rubberized asphalt self-seals around nails and staples.

Window 2Designed for the professional homebuilder – where construction delays are common – the tough, durable, aluminized surface of WindowWrap is unaffected by UV exposure for a minimum of 6 months after being applied to the window!

Protect your building's windows with quality window wrap & protective film products.

Window 3WindowWrap-Flex™ is a flexible waterproofing tape for windows, doors, and building joints. With proper application, WindowWrap-Flex will prevent water leaks, air and insect infiltration, and reduce noise. WindowWrap-Flex is a selfadhered membrane consisting of a rubberized asphalt adhesive which is laminated to cross-laminated polyethylene crepe film. The crepe film allows WindowWrap-Flex to be stretched around arched windows, doorways and other popular curved shapes.

Window 4WindowWrap Butyl™ features a tough polymer film coated with an adhesive butyl rubber that remains aggressive throughout broad temperature range.


21” x 600’ x 1.5 ml CLEAR Window Guard
21” x 600’ x 1.5 ml BLUE Window Guard

These window wraps and protective films for windows are only a selection of our variety of building materials.

Our Branded Products

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